What’s the Best Flooring for a Kitchen in Florida?

February 2, 2023

If you’re planning a renovation, you might ask, what is the best flooring for a kitchen in Bradenton? After all, every homeowner wants a kitchen floor that’s attractive as well as durable and easy to clean. However, Florida home flooring also needs to withstand sand and grit while offering added comfort for bare feet!

The good news for homeowners is that you have more kitchen flooring options available than ever before. Manufacturing advances ensure lasting floors that don’t compromise on style. To help you choose the best option for your home, check out some added details about those options. Then, discuss any other questions with a flooring installer near you as needed.

new kitchen flooring for Florida home

What Is the Best Flooring for a Kitchen?

There is no “one size fits all” answer as to the best flooring for a kitchen in Florida. On the other hand, homeowners usually find a few options more durable and easier to keep clean than others.

Laminate flooring

A thin plastic coating covers laminate flooring, ensuring a durable surface that resists scratches and other damage. That topcoat also doesn’t trap and hold dirt, for easy cleanup. Also, you can find laminate in a wide variety of styles, sure to fit your home’s décor.

The downside of laminate is that it might feel somewhat stiff under foot. This can be especially challenging for Florida homeowners who are often barefoot! To combat this problem, choose a thick underlayment for your laminate flooring.

Vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring offers a comfortable surface that’s also durable and resists dirt and debris. Also, a homeowner might install click and lock tile or plank themselves, saving on installation costs! Moreover, manufacturers offer more vinyl flooring design options now than ever before!

Porcelain versus ceramic tile

Both porcelain and ceramic tile provide a natural look and feel that many homeowners appreciate. However, porcelain is denser than ceramic, so it resists dirt more easily. On the other hand, ceramic tiles might feel more comfortable underneath bare feet!

Real stone flooring

Stone flooring, including marble and slate, offer a durable appearance and stunning style. Natural stone also resists water damage and wear. However, stone is very heavy, and your home might need added support before installation. Also, stone floors are often at the top of the price range!

Concrete kitchen floors

Poured concrete offers a great option for homeowners. A contractor can buff concrete to a stunning shine and add dyes and tints. In turn, those floors might mimic stone, tile, or another high-end material. Concrete is dense, durable, and resists scratching and wear.

Lastly, note that concrete doesn’t hold heat as well as other materials! It often stays cooler than many flooring options, even during Florida’s long, hot summer months.

On the other hand, even the best concrete floors might crack eventually. Also, dense concrete is durable but can be somewhat unforgiving. As a result, it might feel uncomfortable underfoot.

what is the best flooring for a kitchen

Is It Better to Have Tile or Hardwood in the Kitchen?

While hardwood flooring offers a stunning appearance, contractors typically don’t recommend its installation in a kitchen. One reason for this is that hardwood tends to stain easily. Two, wood expands when it absorbs moisture than shrinks as it dries out. In turn, hardwood might crack and warp more easily in a kitchen than any other room.

Also, consider that wood floors are often difficult to clean properly. Nooks and crannies along their surface hold dirt, mud, food debris, and other residues. Consequently, wood flooring isn’t always the best choice for kitchens!

On the other hand, ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl are all excellent choices for kitchens. These materials are durable and easy to clean, and comfortable under foot. Also, choices like luxury vinyl plank can mean added comfort and easier installation.

Lastly, consider that hardwood floors require professional installation. It takes some experience and proper training to ensure the boards stay secure over the years. On the other hand, a homeowner might install tile floors on their own somewhat easily. These might also install over existing flooring, saving the cost and mess of a tear-out!

Bradenton Flooring Pros is happy to help answer the question, what is the best flooring for a kitchen in Bradenton? Hopefully we’ve helped you figure out the best choice for your home! If you’re in the market for a stunning new floor, call our flooring contractors. We offer expert installation as well as wood floor refinishing. Additionally, we carry a wide range of stunning tile, laminate, hardwood, and carpeting. We also guarantee every installation for quality! To find out more or to schedule your FREE consultation and flooring price quote, call our crew today.


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