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Is Carpet Still a Popular Flooring Option?

Over the past few years, many homeowners have become obsessed with hardwood flooring and tile flooring for common areas in the home. As a result, wall-to-wall carpeting, which had been very popular for many decades, started to lose its popularity. However, it is beginning to make a strong comeback. We are starting to see a surge in carpet installation Bradenton as many homeowners revert to carpet, and now it's a popular flooring option.

As with many other flooring types, we have many carpet selections for our customers. We have many colors, textures, and styles for many rooms in your Bradenton home.

Are you ready to join the carpet resurgence? Call today to learn more about this viable flooring option and get a free quote.

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Is Carpet Still a Popular Flooring Option?

For many homeowners, carpet has become a thing of the past. But lately, nostalgia for cozy carpeted rooms, particularly bedrooms, is returning. Many customers that have switched to other flooring types are starting to embrace the idea of carpeting in critical areas of their homes, such as the living room and bedrooms. So what is it about this flooring option that keeps customers wanting more? Here are a few advantages of getting new carpet installation in Bradenton.

  • It creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • Carpet is a softer option for relaxing rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms.
  • It keeps the floor warm in cooler months, allowing household members to walk barefoot comfortably.
  • Carpet is a less noisy flooring option.
  • With carpet, you’re less likely to slip and fall.
  • It is a relaxing option to sit on.

Many homeowners are starting to realize the importance of carpets, and as a result, it is making a remarkable comeback. Would you like to get wall-to-wall carpet in crucial areas of your home? Call today to schedule a consultation and get a free estimate on this classic flooring type.


Create A Cozy Getaway With Carpet Installation in Bradenton

Have you been thinking about creating a comfortable man cave or an indoor she shed? The perfect way to bring this dream world together is with carpet installation in Bradenton, FL.

We have an enormous selection of carpet types for you to choose from. Would you like a plush carpet that is soothing when you walk across the floor barefoot? Or would you like a low pile option that keeps debris out and is much easier to clean? No matter what type of comforting escape you want to create indoors, our various carpet types can help with your overall décor.

Would you like to learn more about the various carpet options available for your indoor hideaway? Call to speak with one of our consultants and get a free quote on new carpet installation.

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Get Our Carpeting Services to Transform Your Spaces

Although many homeowners strayed away from carpet in recent years to opt for our more popular hardwood flooring options, carpet is making a strong comeback. This is especially true in living rooms. Carpet has often got a bad reputation for the dirt and allergens that it attracts. However, with the proper care, carpet can be just as safe and clean as other flooring types.

Not only is carpet a popular option for bedrooms and living rooms, but it is also becoming an excellent option for those transforming basement areas into entertainment spaces. To create a cozy, luxurious feel in these colder areas of the home, many homeowners opt to get carpet installed to warm up these rooms. 

Besides basement areas, another critical area that homeowners are carpeting is attic spaces. Like basements, these areas can feel somewhat cold and disconnected from other areas of the home. But adding plush or low pile carpet throughout, even on the stairs leading to the attack, adds much more life and vitality to these spaces.

Are you ready for Bradenton Flooring Pros to transform some of the spaces in your home with carpet installation in Bradenton? Call today for a consultation and get a free quote on this essential flooring type. Also, don’t forget to explore our informative flooring blog



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Want To Explore More Flooring Options?

While carpet is making its comeback, there are still other flooring types that are great choices for various rooms in your home. We offer our popular hardwood flooring in several varieties of woods. Additionally, we have bamboo, cork, laminate, vinyl, epoxy, and many more flooring types to blend in well with just about every home décor. Call today to explore our many selections of flooring and get a FREE quote on the flooring type of your choice.

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