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Hardwood flooring installation in Bradenton is one of the most popular flooring choices for many homeowners. It is also a very durable option. Although many DIYers attempt to lay hardwood flooring, this is one of those flooring types that is best left to experts like us. Improper installation of hardwood flooring can result in expensive repercussions for the homeowner.

Relying on the experts at Bradenton Flooring Pros is the better option when it comes to hardwood flooring installation. Our floor technicians have many years of experience and install our customers flooring correctly every time. We are also licensed and insured and use state-of-the-art flooring materials. For over a decade, we have provided outstanding service to customers, and we guarantee superb results with each job.

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Advantages of Hardwood Flooring in Bradenton

If you're considering switching to hardwood floors for your home in Bradenton, you have made a great decision! Hardwood is becoming a very popular flooring option, primarily for its aesthetic beauty. But this is not the only reason homeowners are choosing hardwood floors. Check out some more advantages to getting hardwood flooring. 

  • Strong and durable
  • A top allergy-friendly flooring option
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • Adds value
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Can be paired with radiant heating 

If you want hardwood flooring in your home, don't wait any longer! Our flooring experts are ready to provide you with the hardwood flooring you've dreamed of. 


Want An Alternative Similar to Hardwood?

If you've wanted hardwood flooring installed but don't want to pay hardwood flooring installation costs, we have plenty of alternative flooring options to hardwood flooring.

Bamboo is the perfect alternative to hardwood floors for your home. This flooring alternative is not hardwood. Instead, it is a type of grass that is gaining popularity because of its durability and beauty. They are also great for those who suffer from allergies. Additionally, bamboo is an eco-friendly flooring option.

Besides bamboo, another affordable, eco-friendly option is cork. This flooring resembles hardwood but has a bouncy effect, making it much more durable in high-traffic areas of the house. In addition, it is an ideal option for a kitchen space since glassware that drops on it may not break.

Call today to schedule a consultation and get a FREE quote to learn more about our hardwood flooring alternatives. Don't forget to check out our flooring blog. 

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How Hardwood Adds Value to Your Home

According to a recent article by Realtor.com, hardwood flooring can recoup between 70 and 80 of your investment. It can also boost the sales price of your home by 2.5 percent. This is great news considering hardwood flooring installation costs in Bradenton can be pretty pricey. 

Hardwood flooring may not be the most budget-friendly flooring option on the market. But it certainly is a durable one. These floors can take a lot of abuse from scratches from your favorite four-legged friend and furniture that you drag across the floor. It can even deal with high levels of foot traffic. Many wood floor types range in varying hardness according to the Janka scale. So they can endure a lot and even be refinished to look new.

Wood flooring can last upwards of 30 years with the proper installation and maintenance. And for some types of hardwood, if you keep moisture at bay, they can last upwards of 100 years. Talk about an investment of a lifetime!

Whether you plan to sell your home soon or you are looking to simply remodel your home, hardwood flooring is the best option to add value. One of our specialists is ready to discuss costs and financing options with you. 



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Other Flooring Services We Provide

Although hardwood flooring is one of our popular flooring options, it isn't our only specialty. Our technicians specialize in installing many flooring types, including carpet, linoleum, tile, vinyl, and laminate. We also provide flooring services for both residential and commercial customers. So if you want new flooring in any part of your house, call today to learn more about your options and get a free quote on one of our many outstanding services.

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